Industries We Protect

Constuction Industry

Contracting a building is very expensive and full of potentially hazardous works. The material and other valuables would need security to be safe from stealing and wasting. As most of the construction stops in the dark hours. For these nights Guard dogs and watch dogs are employed they secure your site from infestation of foreign persons and things. DOG SECURITY PROTECTION possess dogs for this specified security purposes.

Renewable Resources

Use of Energy in the modern world is not negligible. Production of energy through conventional sources is not viable financially as well as in terms of environment. World is now moving toward renewable resources like wind and solar. These plants are very cheap in running but extremely expensive to install and the equipment are also very delicate a small problem can crash all system. To secure these delicate systems a complete unit of dogs are need to deploy. We are specialized for this kind of protection jobs. Many national assets are secured by our dogs.

Data Centre And Serve Farms

We are living in the age of information technology. Our whole data is served and secured by huge data centers. They serve us and responsible for the data security of millions of people. Let me explain it with an example. Your bank has your account data not only you. They have thousands of more customer’s data to be stored in huge data farms. Suppose if someone enters that data center and corrupts your bank’s data your all financials will be damaged. Because these data centers are very delicate and sensitive so no person is allowed to enter even for the security but security is necessary so here the dogs are used they not only secure the building and instalments but also repel effectively.

Manufacturing And WareHousing

To produce anything and then to store it with sufficient security is very necessary. In modern era millions of rupees are invested on the security of these manufacturing plants and ware houses. But the main thing we forget is that these all system are controlled by a human being and a small mistake can cost you very high. The most sufficient and convenient solution is the dog security. They are pretty much intelligent and loyal to you as well as cheaper than any high-tech security system.

Government Organizations

Government organizations also need to be secure very effectively and viably. They also contain very delicate data of the organizations as well as the data of public safety. For this our guard dogs present to secure entire premises to ensure the integrity and security.

Estate And Vacant Property

As your leisure place your farmhouse or a hill station property where you need to spend some time with your family and friends. But unfortunately you are not always present here. For this property security you need a dog force which can keep your property in eye and retaliate on any kind of threat. For this our dogs are best option.
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